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December 2002




We have now fought in the `EXTREME 2` at RAF Newton, Nottingham.

A pair of brand new (bigger) discs inflict more damage than previously seen from us,
the results cannot be revealed but our supporters will not be disappointed!

To be shown on BBC2 in 2003.


Southfields School Robot Event Sept 28th 2002

Kettering, Northants.

This was our first time at this event, we met loads of familiar friends from the series six filming and it was a well run and well attended event.
The main attraction was the arena which had various events going on throughout the day, the main one being an `assault course` where each robot had a chance to run around knocking stuff over and gaining points, sounds easy? 
- not if you havn`t driven the robot before and it`s still in it`s `post series six - controls a bit out of sync` state eh Richard?

Later in the day was the `Flipper Frenzy`, eight or nine flipper bots in the arena at the same time, result - HILARIOUS!

Washing machine smash up - Terrorhurtz show why they are `King of the Axemen` - Incredible.

July 2002

RAF Newton, Newarke, Nottingham

The full review will be posted elsewhere on this site soon...




Richmond School Fete

29th June 2002

Hinckley, Leicestershire

This was the first appearance of the new Makrolon bodywork, still not quite finished, also we left the dodgy aluminium floor on as we were running on Tarmac and didn`t want to wreck the new carbon floor just before the series six qualifying. The gyro was now fitted and so we had a good chance to try out the control.

We built an arena with about 400 old car tyres, it was about 30 x 40 feet x 2 deep, with a safety gap of around 10 feet followed by another wall of tyres 3 deep. 
We put an `island` in the middle to begin with but these tyres were later used to make goals each end.




Although only three robots turned up in the end, we had a game of football with 13Black and Lambsy which was great.
With only two robots in the arena we had no problems with transmitters, although we had to sort out which frequencies we were using with the local RC car club who were operating nearby. (and yes 40.985 does exist!)

We had been given some Mallory Park passes to be used as a prize but we couldn`t think of anything to do with them, so I sold them at work and will be giving the money to the fete fund.


Newarke Kit Car Show 2002

14th June 2002 (I think)

Four weeks prior to this show we started a major rebuild of the robot, this started with moving all the insides around into more accessible and better protected positions and also cutting and remodelling the chassis. This took longer than expected so the new body wasn`t ready in time and we had to fit the old carbon fibre one again, this gave us a sort of hybrid robot for the show but at least it ran around, giving us a chance to test the controls in an arena situation.

The Kit Car show was quite big and the robot section filled most of a large hall, there were about 20 robots there for each day which created a good atmosphere and plenty to look at and talk about. We sorted out our controller crystals and got in the queue for the arena, after a while it was our turn and we ended up going in against Dantomkia - a well built flipper which I hadn`t seen before, driven by Mike.

Due to the destructive nature of disc weapons we weren`t allowed to use them in the `Roaming Robots` arena so we just tried to drive around and practice, as the gyro system wasn`t fitted either it was still very difficult to run at low speed. I had spoken to Mike about our testing and we agreed that once I had found out what I wanted about our drive set-up he`d have a go with his flipper.

The flipper worked.....!

Here you can see 13Black almost vertical and about a foot off the floor, it landed on the discs too, Dantomkia then kept flipping us over and over which was quite a laugh, especially when we started moving around the arena using the discs as wheels. Mike finally flipped us back upright and we sped across the arena, only to dig ourselves into the wooden floor.

If you want to see an avi of the fight please email me and I`ll send you one (it`s around 3 meg)



Holywell Primary School, Loughborough

16th March 2002 

13 Black has also visited Holywell Primary School, Loughborough on the evening of 16th March, as part of their "Robot Evening"

This event was organised by Rachel Grant assisted by the rest of the PSA and many others. There were Robot Wars videos on the big screen, computers linked to robot websites and various robot based competitions, including a very good robot design competition (which Richard had to help judge! - tricky as there were lots of good entries!)

Richard took 13 B along and gave a presentation about the design and build of 13 B. 

It was an excellent evening and a good time was had by all. One question remains though - Rachel, are you still eating the left-over baked potatoes?

The following is a "thank you" card very kindly sent afterwards. (Click on image to open full size)


Charlton Primary School, Wantage

28th February 2002

13 Black visited Charlton Primary School, Wantage on 28th February, as part of "Science Week"

This event, organised by Pip Eden and the rest of the staff, included visits and presentations from a wide variety of guest speakers. Richard was invited to bring 13 B along as his nephew and nieces (Celyn, Teifi and Gwennan Walters) all attend this school. He gave a number of presentations to various classes - and was very impressed by the level of knowledge and the behaviour of all the pupils!

The following is the "thank you" card the pupils very kindly sent afterwards. (Click on image to open full size)

Richmond Primary School, Hinckley, Leics.

7th December 2001 - 

We took the robot for it`s first official public appearance,  at Richmond Primary School, Hinckley, Leics.
This was for the Christmas fair, we took along a model `Shunt` house robot as a prize in a raffle and sold over 200 tickets in about 1.5 hours. The winner was number 213.


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