Spinning at Richmond School 2002

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robobabes.jpg (246564 bytes)

The Robo-babes!
Series 5 Qualifying 
Live Tour


phillipa1a.jpg (94472 bytes)
The Robo-BABE!
Series 6 filming

morebabes.jpg (168106 bytes)

2 babes, 1 bloke.
Tam, Leah and a bloke

ht-01.jpg (155751 bytes)
Hinckley Times
14th Feb 2001

hen.jpg (295836 bytes)

Heartland Evening News
27th Aug 2002

Dcp01925a.jpg (83028 bytes)

- the very first cut!


Dcp01946a.jpg (49711 bytes)

Building the


Dcp01924a.jpg (64875 bytes)

Disk hub


spindle.jpg (44430 bytes)

Disk spindle


Dcp01943a.jpg (119887 bytes)

Tasha Denny (7)


disc3.jpg (33888 bytes)

One of the finished
Mk1 disk rims


disc.jpg (44569 bytes)

Original weapon



disc2.jpg (71550 bytes)

Disk with timing
tape (750rpm)


Fitting the


fuill-robot.jpg (53371 bytes)

Early top shot


nice-wheel.jpg (66823 bytes)

Drive wheel


Dcp01945a.jpg (48197 bytes)

Wheel drive teeth


Dcp_0283.jpg (77011 bytes)

Building view
(series 6 modified)


Dcp_0214.jpg (67641 bytes)

Richard working
on Hexlite


Dcp02031.jpg (65208 bytes)

Lower bearing
nut wired on


Spraying a disk


Just painted disk


Dcp02034.jpg (66048 bytes)

Car park testing


Dcp02036.jpg (54517 bytes)

Car park testing 2


ex-oven.jpg (54123 bytes)

New discs coming out of the 
curing oven after 10 hours.


ex-kevlar.jpg (36522 bytes)

New disc for Extreme 2


ex-snap.jpg (56092 bytes)

Erm... should this happen?
The night before FILMING!



To be continued...

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