13BLACK - people and places that we found helpful...

Knight Battery Sales - Distributors of Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid batteries www.knightbatteries.co.uk
Good friendly service and good prices - we will be using PC680 `Odyssey`s for series 7

Motors - Bosch GPA 750s - we use 4 from Ellis Components  www.ellis-components.co.uk
            Good service - a bit expensive - motors need mods. to be reliable but can be done easily.

Controllers - 4QD NCC70s - we use 4 from 4QD www.4qd.co.uk
            Good service - economical - good technical website for the "tuners"

Mixers/Failsafes - Delbots type 2a - we use 2 from sales@delbotsfoxy.demon.co.uk
            Good service - system works very well

Radio Gear - Futaba Skysport6 - from The Model Shop, Northampton  www.modelshop-northants.co.uk
            Good typical model shop

Chain drive sprockets - we use 2 from Sedis, Northampton  sedis@nccnet.co.uk
           Industrial - not aimed at hobbyist - visit if you can - huge range

We use 2 composite material suppliers:
Styrofoam disk cores, and sundries -Trylon, Wollaston, Northants
            Helpful, friendly - aimed at schools supplies. Some things cheap, Kevlar isn`t though.

Kevlar, carbon and epoxy resin - Polyfibre, Birmingham  http://www.polyfibre.co.uk
            Excellent - good stocks, very helpful and quite cheap - Highly recommended!

For high strength steels we use 2 suppliers:
4130 tube for disk rims    -    Winged Aviation, Northants,
            Helpful - some things quite cheap, others not so. - worth a look

4130 plate for weapon mounts     - Sky Craft, Spalding, Lincs    www.sky-craft.co.uk
            OK - do some really odd stuff - can be good value for off-cuts.